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Super jump is
A set of effective exercises and a number of pedagogical techniques
Simple and effective exercises, performing which every day, a person changes himself and his life for the better.

Intellect trainer, which is the core of the Super Jump educational system
A person who conducts intellectual training according to the Super Jump system and guarantees the quality of the transmitted exercises to all students in his groups.

The task of the Intellect Trainer is to help the "buying person" become "a developing, conscious, happy and healthy person" through regular training.

-10 days in a row for 1 hour training lasts
-Online, Zoom or Skype classes are held
-$4,500,000 and more than 30 years invested in finding exercises and developing methods

Coaching staff
Roman Kourmachev
Master Intelligence Trainer
Marina Samsonova
Master Intelligence Trainer
Uliana Kourmacheva
Master Intelligence Trainer
passed our educational programs and confirmed the effectiveness of the methodology
72 countries
in which students of the international, global online Super Jump system study
from all over the world are members of the World Association of Super Jump Intellect Trainers

95% of participants get the result already on the 4th day of the course
With the Super Jump course you will become better and more efficient!
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Our super-goal is to stop the destruction of nature and the self-destruction of humanity through intellect training and the fight against ignorance. Therefore, we give this book to everyone who strives for awareness!

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